Brainstorm is an open-source application dedicated to magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG) data analysis. The software is developed in a close collaboration between the BIG lab at USC (led by Richard Leahy) and the MEG research groups at McGill University (led by Sylvain Baillet) and at the Cleveland Clinic (led by John Mosher). The code is distributed through our server at

Brainstorm can read many different EEG, MEG and MRI formats, coregister EEG/MEG and MRI, compute spherical and BEM-based head models, map EEG/MEG onto cortex, and visualize spatio-temporal data at both the sensor and cortical surface level. The software also contains time-frequency analysis functions and tools for statistical analysis.

Brainstorm is written in matlab and distributed both as open source matlab code and in a compiled version that does not require a matlab license. Download involves a simple registration process.

The brainstorm website contains full documentation, tutorials and forum for users.

Please visit Brainstorm website for more details.

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