2D sensor cap color scale

I’m analysing some MEG data using the default anatomy.
In my experiment, I should show some of my results on 2D sensor cap.
In brainstorm, for example, we can see 2D sensor cap linked to raw file.
Would you please let me know how can I make the color scale same?
Best wishes

Would you please let me know how can I make the color scale same?

The same as what?

You can fix the range of representation of a colomap in the colormap options:

Thank you very much.
Another question, how can I change the channel from positive to negative and vice versa.
Best wishes

In the signals viewer: you have a display option Amplitude > Flip Y axis.

For the topography: you can create a new custom colormap with inverted colors.

For both, you can also create a custom montage with "channelname: -channelname" for the channels you want to flip.

You could finally alter the recordings by calling the process Pre-process > Scale (-1) or Run Matlab command (Data = -1 .* Data). But I would not recommend doing this.