A little confuse when using iEEG atlas labels with Freesurfer result

Hi, I'm using FreeSurfer's result in Brainstorm to locate SEEG. And when I click iEEG atlas labels,this came out.
I want to ask I should choose Surf:cortex or Surf:white? I'm not quite sure the difference, and which one I should use is SEEG Epilepsy.

Thank you

I added a short description of the different surfaces in the ECOG tutorial:

When using surface atlases, select preferencially the high-resolution surfaces (~300000V): a higher density of labelled points on the surface will increase the chances to label correctly the contacts. Selecting the type of surface ("white", "mid" or "cortex") depends on multiple factors, and we don't have enough experience yet to give clear recommendations. To help you decide, here is what these labels mean:

  • White : Represents the interface between the white matter and the gray matter
  • Cortex : Inflated from the white surface, represents the interface between the gray matter and the CSF.
  • Mid : In the FreeSurfer case, this surface is computed by Brainstorm as the layer half-way between the white and the cortex surfaces. If this is available, this might be your best guess. Try it yourself and please share your results and comments on the user forum.

The cortex surface might be too far out. Intuitively, I would use more the mid or white surfaces (always high-resolution). Maybe try selecting both and compare the results?
Please let us know what you think.

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All right! I will give it a try. Do you think it is resonable to compare the result in DKT to AAL3(from brainstorm)

Do you think it is resonable to compare the result in DKT to AAL3

DKT is a FreeSurfer cortical parcellation based on the individual cortex segmentation (a thin layer of cortex in subject space).
AAL is a MNI-based parcellation of the entire brain volume (GM+WM), warped to the subject space using a MNI normalization procedure (use at least a non-linear normalization from CAT12 or SPM12/Segment).

Not sure what "compare" would mean in this context...

Sorry, my bad. I didn't understand that correctly.