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Hello Dear, please lead me to create an account in https://neuroimage.usc.edu/brainstorm/Tutorials?action=login
How can I do, while I'm new user and so I don't have supervisor password.


The link you posted is for creating an account on our wiki (what we use for tutorials), which is not available to the public. If you wanted to correct something on one of our tutorial pages, please let us know here and we can make the modification for you.

I suspect you might have been trying to create an account to download the software instead. To do so, please use this link available on our Download page: https://neuroimage.usc.edu/bst/register.php

I hope this helps,

Thank you for your response, plz don't suspect me. Instead trust me that I want to enjoy your useful discussions and content.

Dont worry, I definitely trust you! :smile: You can use the forum account you are using right now for discussion and questions, and the link I sent above in order to download and use the software.


@AbbasianKarim If you posted a message on this forum, you have already created the account you need both for posting messages and downloading the software. What else are you trying to do?

I want to continue with AbbasianKarim, and so I don't need the first one.