MNI coordinates

Hi Francois,
I need to study an ATL ROI taken from the literature, of which I have both the position in the cortex showed in a figure and the MNI coordinates. In our study we don't have individual MRI, thus I used the standard model to create the warped cortex for each subject. My problem is that when a create a ROI in the given MNI coordinates (after having computed the MNI transformation for the subject), sometimes is results misplaced: in that brain area slight differences in z coordinate can leave the ROI in the wrong gyrus.
My question is: what is to be trusted more when using the standard model, the MNI coordinates or the position in the cortex?
Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards

Hi Kathya,

MNI coordinates in Brainstorm are not very accurate: The registration to the MNI space is done with SPM affine method instead of with the more accurate non-linear registration.
The scout you create starting with MNI coordinates are only an approximation.

Prefer the actual anatomy as a reference.