Band-pass filtering after ICA

Dear Francois!

I noticed, that by mistake I removed ICA projectors before applying band-pass filter to data. What I did, was that I used 0.5Hz - 100Hz frequency band for display filters, ICA calculations (continuous data) and finally for the band-pass filtering of the data. In band-pass filtering I selected the option "Process the entire file at once".

I know that doing like this is something that you do not recommend. In tutorial:
"When to apply these filters?
*Before SSP/ICA cleaning: Artifact cleaning with SSP/ICA projectors require all the channels of data to be loaded in memory at the same time. Applying a frequency filter on a file that contains projectors requires all the file to be loaded and processed at once, which may cause memory issues. Pre-processing filters are rarely changed, whereas you may want to redo the SSP/ICA cleaning multiple times. Therefore it is more convenient to apply the filters first."

I understood, that I could have had problems with computer memory, but that my data should still be valid. Is this true?

As usually, I noticed my mistake after I had all the results ready. So if you happen to know the answer, I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance!

There is no specific reason for the ICA not to work on broadband signals, or issues for filtering the signals from which a few ICs were removed.
However, the results can very different. The ICA of the broadband signals may include many components that do not exist in the bandpass-filtered signals, and therefore produce a completely different decomposition.

The more important is probably that you use the exact same procedure for all the subjects, and that you apply the same pre-processing steps to the recordings with which you estimate the noise covariance matrix.