Cannot open time-frequency map

I encountered a problem that confused me when using brainstorm.
I have two time-frequency maps, one of which is 34 * 91 * 131(channel * row * column), and the other is 40 * 32 * 32. The first map can be opened normally in brainstorm, but the other one cannot be opened.
I exported these two maps to matlab for viewing, and the content in the structure is not different.When I open the second map, matlab reports the following error:
Why the index exceeds the matrix dimension

I am really looking for kind guy's help.

Welcome to this community!
I'm sure engineers will reply to you soon, please be patient, they are so kind and always read and answer the post, maybe you should attach the map files or images and give them some context about your analysis.

Have a nice afternoon!

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Unfortunately, the error message you reported is in Chinese, which makes it difficult for me to guess the origin of the problem.

Could you upload this file somewhere and post the download link here, so I can have a closer at it?