Cannot use the LibSVM Toolbox

Hello. I am trying to follow one of the tutorials for machine learning here.
In the section of cross-validation, I have installed the LibSVM Toolkit and put it into the brainstorm file, but I still get an error as follows. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am a beginner to brainstorm and its data processing.

Error: [process_decoding_crossval] Decoding > Classification with cross-validation
This process requires the LibSVM Toolbox:


If you're getting this message, you did not properly install the LibSVM toolbox. What is your operating system?

On Windows, it's super simple to install. Once the ZIP extracted, you can simply add the windows folder to your Matlab path (using the addpath command), and you're done.

On Linux or Mac, it's a bit more involved as you need to compile the library first. Once the ZIP extracted, go to the matlab folder and run the make file. It will require a compiler on your computer. Then, add the folder to your Matlab path (addpath command).

You can test your installation by running svmpredict in the Matlab command window. If it says function not found, then you did not install the library properly.

I hope this helps,

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