Channel order in connectivity analysis

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My question is, how can we change the order of the channels when displaying the connectivity matrix and graph?

This issue is in a situation where we have not changed the initial order of the channels.

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If you are just wanting to change the name of the channels so that they end up in a different order you can just individually change the name of the channels.
But this will not change the data (it will only change the name of the channel).

Perhaps the following thread might be useful for you?

Thank you so much for your answer.

I think that by changing the name of the channels, the signal and their characteristics will remain the same as before.

For example, I want to put frontal electrodes together(near each other), central electrodes together(near each other), etc. in the attached graph.

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For the moment, the positions of the channels around the circle are given by the order in the channel file.
The first channel node is the first node at the left of the 12-o-clock, then it continuous anti-clockwise, thus the last channel is the 12-o-clock node.

You can manually change the order for the graph, by re-ordening the resulting connectivity file ()

See this code:



It think it would be so useful a GUI option for changing electrode order in connectivity graphs :hugs:

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Absolutely, agree! Re-ordering for connectivity graphs is already implemented in Brainstorm for Scouts, they are ordered according their brain localization.

A similar approach will be added for EEG and MEG sensors.

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