Common Channel Files

In my ERP protocol there are about 900 subjects/files data recording. I use only one cap position. After each step of processing there will be about 6 middle steps. So there will be a total of about 6000 excatly the same channel files. Is there a way for program to refer to only one global channel file or global variable in stead of having so many copies of the same files? By the way it is almost impossible to do "right-click on channel file -> file -> import from matlab -> select a work space variable" one by one (this works) for thousands of the same action. When I try to multi-select channel files and "add eeg position -> import from file (this does not work)" , the imported position will only be part of the position file and it will be corrupted.
Y. Gu

If you are not using different ICA/SSP cleaning for each subject, you can share the channel file across subjects: