Concatenate time-frequency data

Hi everyone,
I computed PLV over multiple time windows and I would like to "append" these files to get a single file with the time dimension. However, the process "concatenate time" only considers the first file as the time reference and ignores the time information from the others. Would it be possible to use a similar type of process (or to tweak this one) to group the files into a single matrix while keeping the time dimension?


Hi Thomas,

I fixed some bugs related with the concatenation of PLV files. To start with, the output file type was incorrect. If fixed some of the things here:

Regarding your question:
You can acheive the same results with the process "Extract values" with the option "Concatenate in time" selected, but you will suffer from the same limitations.
You won't be able to set easily the time individually for each of the stacked PLV, mainly because the interface cannot handle files with time vectors that are not regular...

Is it just for visualization improvements that you were asking this?
Or am I missing your point?


I updated Brainstorm and now the "concatenate: time" process gives me what I want.
Thanks Francois! I did not realize it was a bug.