Conduct ANOVA in brainstorm

Hi all,
I have two variables in my design, so I should conduct ANOVA to show difference among conditions. I know how to conduct t-test in brainstorm, is it possible to conduct ANOVA in brainstorm, and how?

At the moment, statistical analysis with multiple factors is not possible in Brainstorm.
You need to export the values of interest and run the analysis outside of Brainstorm.

The process "Extract > Extract values" can help you grab the data of interest across subjects and save it in a 2D matrix. The output file is .mat file that you can read directly for computing your stats in Matlab. Right-click on the resulting "matrix" file > File > Export file, to save it as something else than a .mat file.

If you are interested in using SPM statistics:

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OK, I will try it. Many thanks.