Copying projectors between recordings

I need to copy projectors from an empty room recording to others. But I run into the issue of not having the same channels. Before I start writing a process, I wanted to double check I didn't miss an existing way to do that.

Background: We have an issue with a bad MEG channel affecting neighboring ones with correlated noise. It's not too big and SSP works for cleaning it on an empty room recording. I'd want to copy this projector to all our data until the sensor is fixed (hopefully sometime this summer). I think right now the only way to do this is to import both recordings and do Standardize > Uniform list of channels, then save the projector and load it in the other datasets. Is that right or is there another way? Unfortunately, the channel names are not saved in the projector files, so I'll need to copy the projectors directly from the noise channel file.


Hi Marc,

I suggest the following:

  1. Edit the function that saves the projector from the window "Select active projectors": export_ssp.m
  2. When saving as a Matlab file, add the list of channels to it (I guess you can save the entire "Channel" structure array)
  3. Edit the function import_ssp.m to reorganize the data the way you want

Would this work for you?

Yes that sounds good. For 2 though, do you see an advantage to having the entire Channel array? Otherwise we could just go with a RowNames field like we have elsewhere.

Maybe the Type could be useful?
Up to you.

export_ssp already has the channel names for the fif format, so I'll go with that. Thanks!