Error in computing sources


I am a beginner on Brainstorm and when I try to compute a source model, an error message appears saying: Inner matrix dimensions must agree. Could you please help me?

A screenshot of the error message is below.


And any recommendations on what to do to fix it?


Hi Bali,

The error you reported does not correspond to the lines in the current version of Brainstorm.
Please update the software (menu Help > Update Brainstorm) and try again.


Thank you Francois.

I stopped getting the error message from the screenshot above after I removed the notch filter. But when I computed the sources, there were no cortical activations. So I have now started over and tried again, but I am getting a similar message to the one in the screenshot above. I have attached another screenshot of this error message:

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Thank you for your help.


It looks like the number of channels in your noise covariance file does not match the number of channels in your recordings, or that there is a problem of number of channels between the different files in your database.
How did you compute this noise covariance matrix, and how did you copy it to this folder?

Otherwise, something wrong could have happened during the SSP/ICA cleaning, but it’s difficult to say what without having the data in hand.

Right-click on the noise covariance > File > View file contents: the dimensions of the matrices should be 330x330 (same as your number of channels in the channel file).
Right-click on the head model > File > View file contents: the first dimension of the Gain matrix should be 330 as well.

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