Error in mne_read_surface.m

Hello, BST users,
When I import anatomy file save the fiducial points, an error named Error in mne_read_surface.m will popup. Just like the below figure. How to deal with the problem.
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It looks like there is something wrong with your FreeSurfer folder. The format of the file lh.pial is incorrect.
Can you load this file anywhere else?
Can you import correctly the example datasets from the introduction tutorials?

Thank your reply. Indeed, the Ih.pial size is only 2 kb, while good lh.pial size is 4Mb. It can be imported in freesurfer successfully. I can import correctly the example data.

If you used FreeSurfer 7, it could be a symbolic link to lh.pial.T1 that did not translate well in one of your data duplications. If this is the case, delete lh.pial and copy lh.pial.T1 instead.

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Thank you very much. I did what you said and the problem was solved.

Some more explanations here: