Error: scouts on volume grid, but surface sources

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Some background: I am doing an analysis on MEG data. I used the default anatomy for my subjects and warped the anatomy for each of them. I want to look at the cortex surface as well as the deeper structures, so I decided to create both a surface model and a volume model separately. I did the surface model first.

After I had my surface model, I created a Group analysis source grid to be able to average across recordings for volume models, as described in this topic: Error message creating a volume source grid. As described in this topic, I first of all wonder if the source grid was created correctly. After an initial discussion I carried on, and since the location of the sources in my models seemed okay, I proceeded with my analysis.

I did not define scouts yet for both the surface and volume analysis. I am still excluding some recordings based on the activation I see on my surface source estimation model.

Now, if I open a surface sources model, I get the following message in my Matlab Command Window: "BST> Error: These scouts are defined on a volume grid, but the sources were calculated on a surface.". It states the error, but proceeds with opening the surface source model. The activity I see seems to be physiological.

Am I doing something wrong? I don't understand the error, as I did my surface source estimation before defining the group analysis source grid. Do I need to change anything, how can I avoid this error? And if I continue to create scouts further in my analysis, what this the best way?

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If you check in the Scout tab, the Atlas that is selected starts with Volume XXX

This just means that the Atlas that was previously open was a volume atlas. Just change to a surface atlas (without Volume prefix)

Just create and use the scouts in there respective space.

Thank you very much!
I'm glad it was something small and my analysis is ok so far. Thanks!