Error when using and downloading the Openmeeg

Dear experts,

I had OpenMeeg installed on my computer and I got the following error when calling OpenMeeg using Brainstorm:

Then I looked up this post and it suggested that I remove the manually installed version of OpenMEEG and start computing the forward model again using the OpenMEEG version downloaded automatically by Brainstorm.

But there was an error when I used Brainstorm to download OpenMEEG automatically:

Error using matlab. IO. Internal. Archive. Core. The builtin. ExtractArchive
Tar file C:\Users\dell.brainstorm\plugins\openmeeg\plugin.tgz invalid

Error untar (line 85)
Files = matlab. IO. Internal. Archive. Core. The builtin. ExtractArchive (tarFilename, outputDir, '.tgz);

Error bst_plugin & gt; Install (line 1089)
Untar (pkgFile PlugPath);

Error bst_plugin (line 49)

Error bst_openmeeg (line 54)
[isOk, errMsg, PlugDesc] = bst_plugin('Install', 'openmeeg', OPTIONS.Interactive);

Error bst_headModeler (line 470)
[Gain_om, errMessage] = bst_openmeeg (OPTIONS);

Error panel_headmodel & gt; ComputeHeadModel (line 673)
[OPTIONS, errMessage] = bst_headmodeler (OPTIONS);

Error panel_headmodel (line 27)

Error panel_protocols & gt; TreeHeadModel (line 1239)
[OutputFiles, errMessage] = panel_headModel ('ComputeHeadModel', iChanStudies);

Error panel_protocols (line 44)

Error tree_callbacks & gt; @(h,ev)panel_protocols('TreeHeadModel',bstNodes) (line 2534)
Gui_component ('MenuItem', jPopup, [], 'Compute Head Model ', IconLoader.ICON_HEADMODEL, [],
@ (h, ev) panel_protocols (' TreeHeadModel 'bstNodes));

Could you tell me what the problem is? How to solve it?
Looking forward to your reply.

The OpenMEEG download links changed:

Update Brainstorm first, to get the new downlod links, then try again install OpenMEEG as a plugin:

Note that D:\brainstorm\openmeeg_2.tri does not look like normal path for this file.
Have you voluntarily changed the temporary path of Brainstorm in the preferences?