Error with Time-frequency map

Hello, I am having an error with viewing Time-frequency t-test results.

Recently, when I ran a time-frequency map t-test between two groups, the resulting TF map is all gray (see Image 1).

However, when I open "All Channels" or the 2D layout of all channels, I can see the maps just fine (see Image 2). But when I click on one of the channels from the layout, it is then just gray. In the command window the following error in orange shows:

Warning: Error creating or updating Surface
Error in value of property CData
Array is wrong shape or size
In defaulterrorcallback (line 12)
In panel_display>UpdateRowList (line 1065)
In panel_display>UpdatePanel (line 594)
In panel_display>CurrentFigureChanged_Callback (line 327)
In panel_display (line 32)
In bst_figures>SetCurrentFigure (line 1101)
In bst_figures (line 59)
In view_timefreq (line 227)
In tree_callbacks (line 395)
In bst_call (line 28)
In panel_protocols>CreatePanel/protocolTreeClicked_Callback (line 125)
In bst_call (line 28)
In panel_protocols>@(h,ev)bst_call(@protocolTreeClicked_Callback,h,ev) (line 75) '

Image 1

Image 2

Previous t-test outputs open just fine despite using the same parameters. I am not sure if a recent update is causing this or my path or something else.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,

  • Kathryn King
    (University of Texas at Arlington)

Can you please share an example file?

  • Zip together the file ptimefreq_...mat you can't open + the channel_....mat from the same folder
  • Upload these files somewhere (google drive, dropbox...)
  • Post the download link here


I am not exactly sure which files you meant. I have exported the t-test result file and the Neuromag Channel file, both from "Group Analysis."

Let me know if it is a different file you need.

Thank you,

There is an error with the file you shared:
The pmap and tmap values were computed using 100 frequency bins, while the fields Freqs and TFmask describe only 60 frequency bins. All the variables should have the same number of frequencies.

If this is a file you edited, then you need to fix your scripts.
If this file was created by Brainstorm, then there is a bug somewhere in the generation of this ttest file, and we need to fix this.

Can you please describe as precisely as possible the steps that led to the creation of this file?
Include screen captures showing the structures of the files in input, to check the dimensions of the various variables (right-click > File > View file contents), and screen captures of all the processes.


Good news! I did find the issue, I accidentally computed 1-60 Hz TFM's for the newest data I collected. Bad news! I feel dumb for not realizing it. I find it strange that it would still open all the maps at once, but not individually.

Anyway, thank you for your comment as it helped me realize the issue. I apologize for wasting your time!

  • Kathryn