Event Export and Process_Find Maximum Value/Amplitude

The following requests are based on the below BST forum post that I made.

Based on the definitions and proposed extraction methods that I've written in the above post I have some "small" requests that I would like to ask the BST team to implement. If these could be implemented that would be extremely helpful for my research and for many others too! :slight_smile:

  1. I know that if you are exporting events using CSV text file (shown below) you get the info of label, time and duration. May I also request that the maximum (positive peak) and minimum values (minimum peak) of that event to be also exported? (or better, max peak-to-peak amplitude?)
  2. Alternatively, in the process "find maximum amplitude" (shown below) I think three more options could be added. The below is what is currently in place in Brainstorm.

The below is what I would kindly ask the BST team to implement (bold is what is currently missing).

What to detect:

  • Maximum amplitude (positive or negative peak)
  • Maximum value (positive peak)
  • Minimum value (negative peak)
  • Maximum peak-to-peak amplitude (maximum positive peak minus maximum negative peak)

Values to save in the output file:

  • Peak amplitude (for each signal separately)
  • Latency at the peak (for each signal separately)
  • Global maximum (other channels set to zero)
  • Maximum peak-to-peak amplitude (for each signal separately)
  • Latency of maximum peak-to-peak amplitude (for each signal separately)
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By the way, just to emphasise, the importance of maximum peak-to-peak amplitude in sleep spindles is due to the fact that not all sleep spindles follow the characteristic wax-wane shape.
They have diverse morphology and thus, max peak-to-peak amplitude of a sleep spindle may not necessarily have to be in the middle of a sleep spindle. Example shown below.
Anyways, it would be great if the following requests could be implemented in BST - just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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Hi @mcp0228

Thanks for the propositions and the explanations.

We will add them to the requested features list, and we will review them ASAP for possible integrations.

This may take some time, but we will post updates in this post.

Thank you for the reply - I look forward to it :slight_smile: