Event.mat file is not loaded


After solving the issue above and going the supervised sorting process,
I found that the Events.mat file is not updated.
Could you guide me through this issue as well?
Thanks much.


Hi Kostas,

Can you provide more details about the issue?
Please include screenshots and full error messages if available

  • Which event.mat file do you refer to?
  • In which step is this happening?
  • What's the expected behaviour?


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Hi Raymundo,

Thanks for your reply.
My point is that the after the supervised spike sorting the events_UNSUPERVISED.mat
that is created from the unsupervised spike sorting
is not updated and NO corresponding matrix for the supervised sorting results is evident.
To see the results of the supervised sorting I need to read the individual channel files (e.g.raw_elec_'CH1'_spikes).
I attach also a screenshot if it helps.
Thanks much.

This is correct, as the events_UNSUPERVISED.mat is a backup file that only contains results from the unsupervised spike sorting process.

Like in other raw recordings (e.g. MEG, EEG, etc.) events are saved in the Link to raw file (iconRawData).


Thus, when supervised spike sorting is performed, modifications are saved in Link to raw file and not in events_UNSUPERVISED.mat.

Yes, my point is that it would be convenient to have also an events_SUPERVISED.mat.


The events_SUPERVISED.mat file seems redundant, as the result of the supervised spike sorting is already in the event field of the Link to raw file. This is done so any other Brainstorm process can access to the event data in the same way a with other modalities.

Getting the events (after unsupervised and after supervised) can with the line codes below. There is no need to read the individual channel files.

DataMat = in_bst_data('Floyd\@rawytu288c-01\data_0raw_ytu288c-01.mat' , 'F');
events = DataMat.F.events;

Ok, thanks much.


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