Support ISCAN eyetracker

Hi Raymundo,

I have another request: I would to synchronize data from an eye tracker with e-phys data.
I saw that you have a procedure for EyeLink, but we use ISCAN that does not produce .edf files.

Could you point me to other solutions?

ISCAN's output is 4 analog channels, sampling rate 100Hz.
So I was wondering whether it is possible to have channels with
different sampling rates imported together in Brainstorm.
Thanks again.

Hi @Kostashatzis1,

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Yes, it's possible to use data from the ISCAN device. For this it's necessary to link the (eye) recordings to the Brainstorm database.
Check this tutorial:

  • Save the ISCAN data in a variable in a mat file
  • Link the raw files using: File of Type = 'EEG: Matlab matrix (*.mat)'
  • The you would be able to proceed as indicated in the Synchronization with eye tracker tutorial

The different sampling rate between the recordings and the eye-tracking recordings will be handle in Brainstorm

Edit Update your Brainstorm instance, as there was a recent change in the event synchronization process

Thanks much @Raymundo.Cassani