Existing motor seed

Hi everyone,

I am planning to perform an EEG source analysis with specific ROI such as M1, SMA, dPM. I am just wondering if someone had the coordinates for such ROI (not only one point but draw a region with X vertices) ?

Thank you


You can try to find ROIs from existing atlases that match your expectations:

Note that most of them are anatomical atlases, and include ROIs are not necessarily adapted for functional source analysis. For example: the "superiorfrontal" scout (FreeSurfer/Mindboggle) is too large for representing SMA, the BA1-BA3 (FreeSurfer/Brodmann) are too thin and inhomogeneous for representing M1...
The MarsAtlas (BrainVisa) and Schaeffer/Yeo parcellations (CAT12) may offer better options, but if you need them on the MNI/ICBM152 anatomy, you need to reprocess the MNI template with these processes. Someone reported running successfully CAT12 on the ICBM15 MRI to obtain the Schaeffer atlases on it.