Export multiple connectivity matrices by script

Dear all,

I am trying to write a script to export multiple connectivity matrices. I have computed the connectivity (coherence) for my data, averaged the values in six frequency bands, and now I would like to export these six matrices.

So far my script looks like this:

for i = 1:4 % for each condition

% Input files
sFiles = [];
SubjectNames = {...

% Start a new report
bst_report('Start', sFiles);

% Process: Select timefreq files in: */type41, type21/tfbands
sFiles = bst_process('CallProcess', 'process_select_files_timefreq', sFiles, [], ...
    'subjectname',   SubjectNames{1}, ...
    'condition',     condition_labs{i}, ...
    'tag',           'Coh', ...
    'includebad',    0, ...
    'includeintra',  0, ...
    'includecommon', 0);

% Select only the full coherence file
sFiles = bst_process('CallProcess', 'process_select_tag', sFiles, [], ...
'tag',    'AllBands', ...
'search', 2, ...  % Search the file comments
'select', 1);  

[~, n_subj] = size(sFiles);
for j = 1:n_subj
    subj_number = regexp(sFiles(j).SubjectName,'\d*','Match');
    filename_out = [path_out filesep 'S_' subj_number{1} '_' 'source_cohere_' condition_names{i} '.csv'];
    export_timefreq(sFiles(j).FileName, filename_out, 'ASCII-CSV-HDR');


The problem with this script is that it prompts a GUI window that asks to select the frequency to export within the ones available. I have looked through the export_timefreq.m code but unfortunately I was not able to understand how to tell the function which frequency to export.

Thanks for the help,

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Hi Antonio,

Sorry for the response delay.
The frequency is selected in function out_matrix_ascii.m:

If this gets asked, it is because you have multiple frequency bands in your TF file, and it cannot be save in a flat 2D matrix. You could do the frequency selection yourself, and call out_matrix_ascii from your code directly.