Export source solution on Slicer

Hello all

I would like to know if it is possible export the source solution on SLICER.
I use SLICER for SEEG and what I am trying to do is to visualize the source together with electrodes; It is fine to have the source on surface (freesurfer) or as a volume to project on freesurfer model.


For sources in the surface (cortex) space, they can be exported to the FsAverage surface as:

  1. Set the Default anatomy to use the FsAverage:
    right-click on Default anatomy > FsAverage > FsAverage_2020
  2. Project the sources to FsAverage:
    right-click on the Sources > Project sources > Default anatomy > cortex_327684V
  3. Export projected sources as GIfTI-1 (*.gii)

For sources in the volume space:

  1. Just export the sources as NIfTI-1 (*.nii)