Exporting single trial measures to compute reliability


I would like to export single-trial time-frequency data (within a specific time-window and frequency band) to a single matrix file (e.g., csv) in order to compute reliability. I am aware that extracting single trial data is possible (through the export to file option) - however, that leads to having an excel file for each trial and not a single database with all trials (also, I think that it does not allow the time-window option). Is there a way to do it? Or is there a way to compute trial reliability through a Brainstorm function?

Thank you so much!

The simplest solution is maybe to first concatenate all the data you are interested in, and then export it.
Select all your time-frequency files in the Process1 box (or use a database search if you want to script it), and run process "Extract > Extract values" to extract the information of interest.