Feature request: support SEEG electrodes with non-uniform spacing

My surgeon implanted a DIXI Microdeep D08-15CM SEEG electrode. As you can see in the attached image, this electrode has non-uniform contact spacing, with 3 groups of 5 contacts, with within-group spacing of 1.5 mm, and between-group spacing of 11 mm.

It doesn't look like Brainstorm supports this. In order to allow the user to define an electrode with this pattern, the interface for adding electrode definitions would need optional fields to define the size of "secondary" spacers and where they should be placed.

Is this possible? Thanks!

Hey @aarongeller

Thanks for sharing these models.

Indeed the current version of the GUI assumes a uniform spacing and does not include these models.
We will change the GUI to integrate these non-uniform models, which may take some time.

We are also working to integrate more models in future releases.

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