Get the alpha band from raw data eeg

Hello everyone.
I have a question. I need to get the alpha band from raw data of the resting state from my eeg. Does anyone know what steps I need to go through and how i do this?

HI @Bachelorproef

You can apply a pass band filter.
Please check this tutorial:

Hi, thanks for your answer. i did put a pass band filter but i get this weird image. I first resampled my data and then applied a band pass filter (0-40hz). then I clicked run>frequency>power spectrum density and this image did appear. what can i do to fix it or did i misunderstood something?.

ps: I am new to brainstorm so it is a bit difficult to work with :frowning:

You can use the "Preprocess > Band-pass filter" process to isolate the frequency range of interest, which in this case is the alpha band (typically 8-13 Hz).

thank you for your help it worked!