Getting different number of spikes each time from same data


I have an eeg data including events (spike) files. I want to epoch this eeg data into 2 seconds and perform classification. I did this process 2 months ago and when I classified the data I obtained, I achieved high success. However, I have lost this data now and I want to repeat the same process by applying filters. When I open the edf file in Brain Storm and epoch 2 s, the spike numbers in the data I get are different from the previous one and the classification success I get completely changes.

Then i epoched the data but always I get data with different number of spikes, altough I used the same data each time. Is there anyone who know what is the reason of that?


Unfortunately, we can't help you based on this description, there is not enough information to understand what could go wrong in this procedure.
If you think there is something wrong in the software, please share an example dataset and the script to process it, for us to reproduce this behavior on our end and hopefully fix the bugs that are causing it.