I can't find the cortical surface version of AAL3 atlas

Hi everyone,

I am trying to compute the connectivity using the AAL3 atlas parcellation, when using a cortical surface brain model. My understanding is that I'd need a cortical surface atlas (so before it is computed into a volume one) since I don't need the white matter regions of the brain in my model, am I correct?

However, I seem to be unable to find a way to find cortical surface AAL3 scouts although I have downloaded it twice (as the figure shows).


I am unsure what am I doing wrong and would very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

To my knowledge, there is no surface version of the AAL3 atlas.
This is only distributed as a MNI-space parcellation.


Thank you very much @Francois. If I then use the volume AAL3 atlas for cortex surface analysis, could that give me meaningful results at all?

It's not meant for that, I would not recommend using the AAL3 atlas for a ROI analysis of surface-based source models.

If you really want to use the AAL parcellation, you can use a volume head model instead:

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Thank you very much @Francois, much appreciated.