Identification of Bad channel from Noise Recording

I came across this channel in the PSD of a notch, high-passed filtered noise recording signal.

However, the channel seems to perform well in task recordings as per the other 5 sub-plots of 5 different trial task's PSDs.
Can you help me understand if I should mark this as a bad channel ?

Hi, maybe you could cross-check this specific channel in its corresponding time series as well as the
corresponding topography to see if it is an outlier and/or erroneous?
I found the below tutorial helpful when I was going through the bad-channel marking process.


I see that channel MRO12 has higher power in the noise recording and has higher power in the time series data;
But the power in MRO12 during recording seems to be within limits and so those the time series.

So, should I mark this channel as bad in noise recording/task recording ?

I would keep that channel for the rest of the analyses.

Okay.. Thanks!