Identifying peak ERS/ERD locations

Hello Francois and Brainstorm community,

Is there a way to localize peaks of ERS/ERD across the brain? Rather than running time-frequency analyses on a ROI/scout, first run the T-F and then localize the area with the greatest ERS/ERD peak?

Many thanks for any insight.

You can use your time-frequency analysis at the sensor level (ERS/ERD) to identify the latency and frequency band you are interested in, but you can't use these results as the input for the source estimation process. You can only localize the activity from time-domain sensor-level recordings.

If you want to limit the source estimation to one frequency, you have one option available, which is to filter the continuous EEG/MEG recordings in a given frequency band (process Pre-process > Bandpass filter), including the noise/baseline recordings you use to estimate the noise covariance matrix, before epoching them. The noise covariance must be computed from the filtered recordings.
If you want to try this, in order to avoid any confusion, I recommend you start over by creating a new subject.