Import data from other protocols


I have a repeated measure of 5 days, so I have one protocol for each day, where I analyze the data of the subjects in that day. However, now I need to consolidate the data according to the subjects, that is I need to have the data for all the 5 day for each subejct in one place, to show the topographical maps of the time-frequency plots.

To do this, I have exported the data for that subject as a zip file, created another protocol with the ID of the subject, and then tried to upload the subject from zip file. But I receive this message. How Can I do this?


Thank you!


Files from multiple protocols are difficult to group.
For your next studies, put all the data that has to be compared/processed together in the same protocol.

I guess you could try something like this:

  1. Make sure you always a backup of all your analysis
  2. Rename the subjects so that they have different names in all the protocols (subject01_day1, subject01_day2…)
  3. Create a new protocol to store all the data (and to avoid damage what you already have)
  4. Copy manually (with your file explorer) the subject folders from the “data” and “anat” folders of each single-day protocol to the group protocol (entire folder - don’t try to do a sub-selection of the files)
  5. Reload the new group protocol (select the group protocol, go to the anatomy view, right-click on the top node in the database explorer > Reload)

Thank you very, much Fracoise,

I have tried to do so, but when I reload the protocol, nothing happens. In addition, I can’t find the anat and data folders in the protocol folder. How can I solve this problem?


In addition, I can’t find the anat and data folders in the protocol folder

I mean these anat and data folder:

Make the copy of the files with WINDOWS explorer, not within Brainstorm.