Import DWI already corrected for distortions, eddy current distortions and motion artifacts

Hi! I have question similar to this topic,

but related to processed DWI instead of DTI.

I have DWIs preprocessed for distortions, eddy current distortions, motion artifacts and coregitered with the subject T1w.
Is it ok to import these images following the turorial ? Or these steps expect a raw out-of-the-scanner DWI?

Checking the brainsuite diffusion imaging tutorial , and what is printed in MATLAB when running "convert DWI to DTI" it seems like it repeats most of the corrections already applied.

If so, is there a way to skip the corrections and apply just the DWI-to-DTI transformation?

Thank you in advance for your amazing support!


Hi @GiacomoBertazzoli

Yes, applying just the DWI to DTI is possible, but you need to dive into the code and then change your data to the correct format as in the "cube" structure, as shown in the tutorial figure.

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Thank you @tmedani for the reply!

Good, I'll check that. What figure are you referrring to?
Also, any tip on where to start with modifying the code is more than welcome!

Thank again for the support

this one :point_up_2:

If you can replicate the DTI-EIG structure using your data and then you can upload it to Brainstorm, and then you can compute the FEM tensor.

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