Is it possible to import a readily available DTI file?

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I have a question regarding the FEM tensors estimation with BrainSuite. According to the tutorial, DWI data will be converted to DTI and used in the further analysis. Would it be possible to import a readily available DTI file instead of using DWI? Many thanks

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If you manage to import a volume that has the same structure as the DTI computed in Brainstorm (XYZ*12), yes, you should be able to use it.

@tmedani Can you please confirm?

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Thanks for the prompt reply. If I would like to import it which option should I use?

If your file is in .nii format, use Import MRI.

Note that it could be more indicated that you create a new subject, and then edit its anatomy, instead of manipulating directly the MNI template in the "Default anatomy" folder, as it is used for various purposes that you might need later.

Yes you can do that, as long as all 12 volumes contain the correct information (

You can also read your data with Matlab and then import it to Brainstom when your input is in the format that is supported by brainstorm.