Integrating EEG into MEG?

I have MEG 4D-Neuroimaging data, and the ECG and EOG data have been recorded on EEG tracks separated from the MEG data. I don't know if it's usual. Is there a simple solution in Brainstorm to integrate the EEG tracks with the MEG data?
Thank you for your help,


Hi Sophie,

No, there is no easy solution to add the extra EEG signals to the MEG files.
If you want to use these ECG/EOG signals only of feature detection in order to create events for your MEG preprocessing pipeline (eg. SSP), then the easiest solution is maybe to proceed like we do with the eyetracker data, which is never included in the MEG/EEG data:

  • run the feature detection on the EEG
  • transfer the detected events to the MEG files with the process2 "Events > Transfer events"

There is a dedicated tutorial:


Yes, that's right: I want to use the ECG/EOG signals for the preprocessing of the MEG signals. Your solution sounds excellent. Thank you Fran├žois!