Mexfile brainentropy

Dear community
I am trying to run Brainentropy but I cannot because there seems to be an issue with mex files. I tried sudo find . -name "*.mexmaci64" -exec spctl --add {} \; where I am in the path for brainentropy plugin. But this seems not to work.

Thank you for all the help in advance.

Which version of Matlab are you using?

With Matlab open. What is the result of running the command below in the Matlab Command Window?




ans =


If the error is:

*.mexmaci64" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.
macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.

Check this link: Error on macOS: mexmaci64 file cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified - #4 by Francois

If the error is different, please share the error message, so we can better understand the issue

this is the error but it doesn't fit in one screen


That is an interesting bug. I think, from another topic that you are using a M1 Mac, is that correct?

If yes, can you try to install Matlab 2023b and try again as it has better support for the M1 mac ?

Another test you can do is to use "minFuncNM" as an optimization routine. it is similar to minFunc but without using the mex files (it is however slower). If possible, we recommend using the fminunc routine that is part of the optimization toolbox.

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It is M1 chip mac. I will try and let you know. I will try minFunc as well.

It did work in matlab2023b!! Thank you!!

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