Morlet wavelet: extracting FWHM values for target frequencies

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I am using Morlet Wavelets for time-frequency analysis. “Morlet Wavelet Options” lets me define the FWHM time resolution for the “Central Frequency”. There is also a useful option to display a graph of resulting time- and frequency-resolutions for other frequency bands in FWHM.

1.) I was wondering if there is way to extract the exact resulting FWHM values for different frequencies than the “central frequency”,(i.e., for example, export the values of the FWHM display to a matlab array)? Alternatively, is there a formula to infer FWHM for target frequencies based on the parameters chosen for the central frequency? This would allow me to report the FWHMs for a range of different frequency bands.

2.) Secondly, is there maybe a straightforward formula to convert the FWHM values to number of cycles of the wavelet, i.e., the more traditional way to report wavelet parameters. I understand that the FWHM is more informative, but it might be nice to be able to convert between cycles and FWHM in order to compare results with other programs that use wavelet cycles as a parameter.

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The function morlet_design.m returns the time and frequency resolutions for the all the requested frequencies.

You can find an example of its use in the function that creates the figures with the time and frequency resolutions graphs:


Maybe @pantazis has something to add to this topic?

Thank you for your help! The morlet_design function was really very useful for getting FWHM values.
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