Multiple databases in BST

Is it possible to have and use different databases? Could it be done with the option: File/Load protocol/Change database folder?
I'm wondering if I can have two separate and different databases a). Tutorials, b). My recordings, and if I can use the option Change database folder to select the database a need to work with.
Please advice,

In Brainstorm, a "database" is a collection of protocols. The different protocols available in the drop-down menu of the Brainstorm interface do not have to be located in the same folder. You can use the menu File > Load protocol > Load from folder and select a protocol that is not located in your original brainstorm_db folder.

We recommend users to create all the local protocol folders in a single centralized brainstorm_db folder because it makes it easier to understand, manage and backup. However, it you need to have protocol folders located in different places (e.g. on your local hard drive, on a USB drive, on a network mount), you can do it with no restriction. You just need to be more careful about how you manage and archive your work.

If you need to switch back and forth between different groups of protocols, for instance to connect to a set of protocols shared by a collaborator or a student, and you don't want to see all the protocols at once, you can use the menu Change database folder, indeed. Note that this menu is only a shortcut to unload/load multiple protocols with one click. This is equivalent to the following sequence:

  1. Using the menu File > Delete protocol > Only detach from database for each protocol currently loaded in your user preferences, and then
  2. Using the menu File > Load protocol > Load from folder to load each protocol located in the new "database folder".

More information about moving databases in this tutorial:

Hello Francois. Thank you very much. Clear and very helpuful, as usual.