Multiple dipoles with FieldTrip

I have a problem when I follow this tutorial
I try to estimate the source with two dipoles, but error and warning occurred.
Is there a way to estimate two dipoles without Symmetry constraint?
In addition, can you tell me how to resolve error?

Did you have any extra message in the Matlab Command Window?
Was FieldTrip installed as Brainstorm plugin?

Yes, there is checkbox for it in the Process.
Uncheck it to not have the L-R symmetry constraint


Thank you.
This is error message, and I have installed FieldTrip.

When the symmetry constraint is unchecked, warning message appears and dipoles located at one point at all times.

Can you post the error message in English?

Is this warning the same as in the first message in this post? If so, it is there to indicate that the multiple-dipole approach does not use the method of searching the "best fit" from the dipoles in the grid and the to refine it. As it is not supported in by FieldTrip ft_dipolefitting

For your results, the algorithm fails to converge, that is the reason, all the dipoles are found in the SCS coordiantes 0,0,0

Sorry, the error message is "Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type" in English, and the warning is the same as in the first message in this post.

I recognized that there is no way to estimate two dipoles by dipole fitting without the L-R symmetry constraint. If it is correct, how was this tutorial in the image operated?