My modification towards the code of the function process_ssp2 didn't show up in the Brainstorm GUI

Hello Dear Editors, I have some problems when doing some new works on the brainstorm process_ssp2 code. Specifically that is I already changed the Get Description detail in the first picture which was highlighted by a red box, with new UI style component 'checkbox' because I wanna insert a new case of SSP projector here instead of the origin UI component 'radio'. Everything went on well but no changes was observed after Brainstorm UI restarted. Also I set a break point at this line and restarted Brainstorm, The code didn't show any wrong and took my modification in, but no UI components changed. According to the Website contents the UI will change on the condition that the user change the process_X.m code right? This really comfused me a lot.
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Hi @SebastianPeng,

To avoid having your modified process overwritten by updating Brainstorm, it is suggest to create a new process in your use folder, more details here:

Adding a new case of SSP projector will require to still use the radio (or radio_label), to be able to choose among the three options: PCA, Average, and YourOwnMethod. The component checkbox for binary options.

    % Method: Average or PCA
    sProcess.options.label2.Comment = '<BR>Method to calculate the projectors:';
    sProcess.options.label2.Type    = 'label';
    sProcess.options.method.Comment = {'PCA: One component per sensor', 'Average: One component only', 'Other'};
    sProcess.options.method.Type    = 'radio';
    sProcess.options.method.Value   = 1;

From the screenshots, it seems that process_ssp2.m is the modified script but the GUI corresponds to process_ssp.m (The SSP2 GUI has a label indicating FilesA and FilesB, see image below). To check changes in process_ssp2.m check that the tab Process2 is being used.

GUI modified process_ssp2.m


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Dear Raymundo,
Thanks for your very detailed reply about my problem, I try as what you said and it turns out good.