Null values after projecting individual PSD results to default anatomy in hcp tutorial

Hi Brainstorm team,

I am trying to do some resting state analysis based on hcp.
I am following the tutorial of hcp, and got the PSD map (
At the individual level in tutorial, everything works perfect. But next step, when I want to project the result to default anatomy, I got the message at the matlab command window that "All values are null. Please check your input file.". And accordingly, no results are found in the group level. And I checked the output of tess_interp_tess2tess.m file, the Wmat contains only zeros (so I guess Wmat is not calculated).

Is there any possibility that I project my result to group level for group analysis?


You should start with a similar resting state tutorial that includes some group analysis:

Are you trying to reproduce the tutorial using the example dataset, or using your own recordings?
I recommend you start with the dataset distributed with the tutorial first. Let us know if there is any step that you don't manage to reproduce.

If you want to compute source maps in the volume instead, the procedure for group analysis is described in these tutorials:

Hi, Francois

Thanks for your quick reply.

Following your group analysis tutorials, I have conducted other studies at the group surface level using brainstorm smoothly.

But now my new study needs to use hcp data set for investigating rest task interaction, and I wish to work in the surface. Everything goes well for replicating your hcp tutorial. But when I want to project the individual results to default anatomy, I failed for every subjects.

The warning message is attached here.

I guess this warning tells me that in hcp tutorial, the anatomy imported with hcp pipeline v3 does not contain freesurfer structure, and that leads to the failure in projection?

Thanks again for your help!


Indeed, if you want to use to accurate surface-based registration methods for your group analysis, you need to process the anatomy of the HCP subjects with FreeSurfer, BrainSuite or BrainVISA.

Hi, Francois

Thanks for your reply. Then I would try to use Freesurfer.