Open MEEG BEM error

hello , can you explain what can i do ??
i already download "openMEEG " and i updated it but when i will comput head model and when i choose openMEEG BEM i get this error.


There is something seriously wrong with the way you set up your database.
The brainstorm_db folder should not contain anything but the Brainstorm database. It looks like you have both FieldTrip and your temporary folder in there...

  • Move FieldTrip out of there
  • in the Brainstorm preferences change your temporary folder back to somewhere outside of brainstorm_db (if you leave it empty, it would use .brainstorm/tmp)
  • The space in your Windows username folder ("ICHRAK PC") might cause a problem... Try using a temporary folder outside of your user folder (eg. C:\temp).
  • Restore the default OpenMEEG that is downloaded automatically by Brainstorm (not his 2.4.9999 version).

@Alexandre FYI

thnx so much , it works

For helping other users in the future, could you document what worked?