OpenGL bug connectivity graph


I'm having trouble with the OpenGL. I'm using the matlab compiler in a new laptop with NVIDIA Geforce RTX and Raedon Graphics and Ryzen 9 processor. Depending of the demands of graphs processing it uses one GPU or another. In other older pc's I've always been capable of running conectivity graphs. However, I get this message when trying to open a graph.

" Error: the OpenGL connectivity graph is not available for your version of Matlab.
You can use these tools by running the compiled version: see the installantion page on the Brainstorm website"

VersiĆ³n 2018b (also the same message with the newer versions including 2020).
i've tried several configurations in Brainstorm. Disabled, Software and Hardware. Non of them worked.
I would appreciate some clues to solve this. In my desktop PC Brainstorm runs better.

Thank you.

We recently published a new version of the connectivity graphs, which relies only on standard Matlab functions for rendering the connectivity graphs. You should not run into any OpenGL issues related with Brainstorm.

Update Brainstorm, then use the menu "Display as graph (2021)".

If you are still experiencing issues with the OpenGL rendering, this is not related with Brainstorm, but directly with Matlab. Type opengl('info') in your command line, it should show a version >= 3.2.
If this is not the case, report the bug on the Mathworks website for help.