Openmeeg error during head model computation

Dear brainstorm experts,
I have been using brainstorm for a long time for EEG localization. Recently I get a similar error during trying to compute the head model both in windows and linux:
in windows 7 (matlab 2022b):

** Error: OpenMEEG call: om_assemble -HM
**       "C:\Users\Ali\.brainstorm\tmp\openmeeg_230403_223852\openmeeg.geom"
**       "C:\Users\Ali\.brainstorm\tmp\openmeeg_230403_223852\openmeeg.cond"
**       "C:\Users\Ali\.brainstorm\tmp\openmeeg_230403_223852\openmeeg_hm.mat"
** OpenMEEG error #-1073741521: 
** For help with OpenMEEG errors, please refer to the online tutorial:

and in Ubuntu (matlab 2020a):

** Error: OpenMEEG call: om_assemble -HM
**       "/home/ataei/.brainstorm/tmp/openmeeg.geom"
**       "/home/ataei/.brainstorm/tmp/openmeeg.cond"
**       "/home/ataei/.brainstorm/tmp/openmeeg_hm.mat"
** OpenMEEG error #127: 
** ./om_assemble: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
** For help with OpenMEEG errors, please refer to the online tutorial:

I searched a lot, cheked various things and also a nearest discussion in brainstorm, but did not manage to solve it. I even updated the whole brainstorm ( and openmeeg as well) but it also did not work. I am really confused. Would you pleas help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot,

First, update Brainstorm on your Linux system, as the temporary path shows it is outdated.

I'd recommend you report both errors to the OpenMEEG developers.

Immediately after you get the error message:

  • Zip the temporary openmeeg folder in $HOME/.brainstorm/tmp (on windows: C:\Users\Ali.brainstorm\tmp\openmeeg_230403_223852\)
  • Open an issue on the OpenMEEG GitHub repository (requires that you create a github account):
  • Share both Windows and Linux zip files (upload them somewhere and post the download links there)
  • Include the error messages you reported here, and the link to this forum post
  • Include descriptions of what you've been trying to solve the problems (using different OpenMEEG versions downloaded directly from the website, checking the options on this page, etc.)
  • After creating the issue, add the link to it on this thread, so we can follow the issue resolution.

Thanks a lot. I replaced the previous openmeeg with a newly downloaded one in the linux and the problem solved for linux, but it remains in windows. I shall do as you advised for the problem in windows.

Best regards,