Performing frequency analysis on source solution

Hi, I'm new to Brainstorm and just finished going through the tutorials.

I'm interested in localizing sources from participants with different conditions on frequency domains.

So far, I understood that source estimation from the frequency data is not possible, while performing frequency analysis on the source estimation is possible.

I tried following some guides ( and and I'm having a problem at the beginning.

Both guides say I should select all trials into Process 1 (e.g., all deviant folders). However once I drag & drop trials into Process 1, there is no data available to process (meaning [0]is displayed next to the folder name).

The preprocessing was done with EEGLAB. Because I don't have individual MRI, I used a template provided from Brainstorm.

Have I missed some crucial step before performing frequency analysis on source??

Thank you in advance for your helps!!

Are your files tagged as bad trials?

Otherwise, please post a screen capture illustrating your problem.



No, they are not all tagged as bad trials.

I've attached some screenshots. Since I can upload one image only, I've attached a link to the images (I'll delete them in a week then upload them here again once the image upload limit is released).



On the left, you selected the "process sources" option.
If the Process1 tab selects 0 files for the recordings you selected, it means that you haven't compute sources for these files. You need to estimate sources first.

Before reading these advanced tutorials, I recommend you start by following all the introduction tutorials until #23 using the example dataset.

If you think there is a bug in the Process1 file selection, please post additional screen captures:

  1. of the database explorer showing the source files for the epochs you selected
  2. of the source files directly selected in the Process1 tab (not the original recordings, as you posted)