Plotting Interquartile Range

Hi everyone,

I'm new to BrainStorm. I'm starting with obtaining some simple PSDs (I'm using the Welch PSD process in the pipeline editor) from EMG signals collected during a motor task. I'd like to be able to plot the average (median) power as well as include the interquartile range as an error band.

Is it possible to plot this in BrainStorm? If so, how? If not, how can I extract these values to plot them using a different software package such as R?


Hi Madeline,

As you may seen, the median and the standard error can be computed directly with Brainstorm using the process Average for a set of PSDs files.

However, the interquartile range is not an option for the moment. To read the content of the PSD files, check the link below. Pay attention to the field Measure that will indicate what are the values you are getting (either magnitude or power).

Thank you!

I ended up extracting the frequency values that I needed "Extract - Extract Values," and saving them as Excel files to compute and plot the interquartile ranges.

Later, I'm planning to write an R script to generate these plots (which is far more succinct than doing this in Excel), and will start by extracting and exporting the frequency values as .CSVs from BrainStorm.

I will try your suggestion as well! Thanks again.