Potential issue with bst_granger_spectral


I am currently using the following code:

hFig = view_topography(fn, 'EEG', '2DSensorCap',dTF{1}(ars(ci,:),:,:))

fn is the file path to the time frequency file. dTF{1} contains the data matrix, that according to the .mat brainstorm spits out is (Nchannel*Nchannel) x 1 x num frequency bins. The ars(ci,: ) is just trying to select the appropriate channel.

The 2d sensor cap or 2d disc image forms fine initially, but when I right click and do snapshot>frequency, nothing changes even though the third dimension of the matrix all contains frequencies.

As it turns out, all the values produced from bst_granger_spectral.m are the same across frequencies. I am unsure why this is happening.

I believe this is linked to another issue I am having:

I mentioned previously that this use of view_topography passing a specific data matrix would work only with flat topography matrices: [Nchannels x 1]. No list of frequencies can be passed here, and your matrix must be reshaped.
It would be easier for you to save this data as a new file in the database and display it as a regular file...