PSD for components from ICA

Thanks so much dear Raymundo. I am sorry that I am not able to thanks you as you deserved for your kindness.

I have another question about PSD of ICA components. For data cleaning through ICA approach, the topoplot, component time series and psd of these time series (somehow dipole mapping) are needed. Brainstorm has provided the first two of these three tools very efficiently. However, for the third one, the mosh complicated steps must be performed to have PSD of some ICA components. Always, particularly for my current study with about 1500 (74×20) conditions and so 1500 times ICA cleaning, it has been a nightmare for me to apply ICA because of performing such extra steps for having psd of some doubtful components. The psd is crucially needed for identifying emg components or eeg component (alpha band activity). Since my first eeg analysis to now I am working only by brainstorm because of its great visualisation tools, source imaging, connectivity analysis, user friendly GUI and particularly its giga great active forum. However, if it could be possible to add a button beside the topoplot and time series buttons (in select active projectors tab) for psd computation, it could be very helpful. I know the brainstorm has possibly developed for meg data for which SSP instead of ICA may be enough to clean data. However, for eeg users, adding such button could be a great news. For about 7 years ago, I asked dear Francois about PSD computation of ICA components and he said it is in (TO DO) list. Thus, this job may be get done in a close future.

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Hi @alirezatalesh,

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Thank you for pointing out the interest and need for the PSD on ICs. Currently, we currently are short of resources to implement it immediately, but we're looking forward to work on it, and other ICA improvements. If this is feature, you really need, and you know coding in Brainstorm, we love and are open to collaborations to make it happen.

Check this document on collaboration to Brainstorm:
brainstorm3/ at master · brainstorm-tools/brainstorm3 · GitHub