RangeError when computing head model using DUNEURO

I am attempting to compute a head model using a tetrahedral mesh and tensor data for forward solution modeling of SEEG data. I have successfully created the FEM with tensor estimates and localized all of my electrodes - both look reasonably accurate on visual inspection. I keep hitting an error (copied below) when trying to actually generate the head model via the drop down compute head model>MRI volume>DUNEuro FEM (SEEG check box selected). The same error is encountered no matter the method used to generate the tetrahedral FEM mesh or the specific DUNEuro solver type (dis/continuous Galerkin) or source model (Venant, subtraction, partial integration) used. After some digging, it looks like an error thrown by DUNEuro itself when a element/index which is out of range is attempted to be accessed, but I have no idea how to interact with said code to debug... any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Terminal error copied below:

BST> Plugin duneuro already loaded: /home/twozny/.brainstorm/plugins/duneuro
BST> Emptying temporary directory...
DUNEURO> Writing temporary files to: /home/twozny/.brainstorm/tmp
DUNEURO> System call: "/home/twozny/.brainstorm/plugins/duneuro/bst_duneuro/bin/bst_duneuro_meeg_linux64.app" "/home/twozny/.brainstorm/tmp/duneuro_minifile.mini"
Dune reported error: Dune::RangeError [get:/home/juan/bst-duneuro/src/dune-common/dune/common/parametertree.hh:175]: Key 'type' not found in ParameterTree (prefix )
"/home/twozny/.brainstorm/plugins/duneuro/bst_duneuro/bin/bst_duneuro_meeg_linux64.app" "/home/twozny/.brainstorm/tmp/duneuro_minifile.mini": Signal 127

status =


** Error: Error during the DUNEuro computation, see logs in the command window.

Hi @tomwozny,

It is hard to find what went wrong from your description, could you send me a copy of your protocol and then I will try to replicate the error?

Were able to run duneuro for a basic EEG as in the tutorials?
at least this basic example: https://neuroimage.usc.edu/brainstorm/Tutorials/Duneuro

is it working?

I was indeed able to run duneuro from the EEG tutorial without issue.

I have zipped a copy of the protocol - is there an email I can send a Box link to?

You can send it to my email, medani@usc.edu