Raw data export form brainstorm into SPM

Hi brainstormers,
I tried to import my .mff files with Run > file > export to file > save with MEG EEG: SPM *.mat format
but I get following error in the matlab comand meanwhile I try to upload my file in the 3D Source reconstruction button!

No fiducials are defined
A dot name structure assignment is illegal when the structure is empty. Use a subscript on the

Error in meeg/check (line 95)
*** this.fiducials.pnt = this.sensors.eeg.elecpos;***

Error in spm_eeg_inv_imag_api>Load_Callback (line 126)
[D, ok] = check(D, 'sensfid');

Error in spm_eeg_inv_imag_api (line 53)
*** feval(varargin{:}); % FEVAL switchyard***

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

Could you give me a hit for solving this :slight_smile: ,
I appreciate your hints.

It seems the positions for the EEG electrodes were not set in Brainstorm before exporting as MEG EEG: SPM *.mat format. Try to add locations for the electrodes and then export.

would you give which page in your toturials give this instructions.
I have added the fig of hcannel Editor, there you can find the location and please let me know me know further, thank you.